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remembered event - Mohammed W Makda Essay 1 A Remembered...

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Essay# 1: A Remembered Event Revised Copy 14 Hours of Pride The day was pretty long for me today. I had to wake up early to do the winter closing in the Residence Halls and that itself was so tiring as I had to enter each and every room on the floor and do a safety inspection. In addition to that, also I had to complete remaining Room Condition Reports and that take a while bending down in each room to look for damages. Most of them weren’t bad while few were like entering in a laundry room. It took me about 3 hours to complete everything and had to head to my work over in Computing Center. Awake since six in the morning was completely tired when I left for home in the evening. The day was not over for me. I had to pack my bags and take each and every important thing as I was leaving for the next fifteen days. Did laundry, cooked food, cleaned room, and finished packing. Defrosting the refrigerator was a nuisance as just a towel was not enough and had to lay over a mile of tissue rolls to dry the water. Me plan to leave for New York City was early next morning at six and also had to go get the car from the rental company. To leave that early, had to wake up early and sleep early. But couldn’t sleep till mid-night. I Woke up early the next day about an hour before I had to leave for NYC. Gave wake up calls to friends who were travelling with me. I was proud of myself, after a tiring day and slept late, still was on schedule to leave. I was happy that I was leaving Buffalo on the time I had planned. I sat in the car and left with a belief that we would reach our destinations by afternoon. I had to pick up my sister from JFK and then go to New Jersey. Never thought anything could go wrong. We passed Rochester in about an hour which was impressive as our drive was nice. The sun was rising as we were going along the east direction. Nice and sunny, suddenly clouds
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remembered event - Mohammed W Makda Essay 1 A Remembered...

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