MGT 430 HRM test 2 - MGT 430 Human Resource Management- A...

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MGT 430 Human Resource Management- A Test 2 on Topics 5, 6, 7- Job Analysis and Job Design, HR Planning and Recruitment, Selection and Placement Part I. True or False , write T if the answer is true or F is the answer is wrong.( 10 marks) 1.___ Job analysis is the process of identifying inputs and activities in order to come up with a desired work outputs. 2.___ The roots of mechanistic approach to job design is Taylor’s Scientific management. 3.___ Job specification is a list of a tasks, duties and responsibilities that a job entails. 4.___ Early retirement program is a mean of reducing labor surplus by asking employees to retire earlier than their traditional retirement age. 5. ___ Manufacturing is a way of conducting industrial activities emphasizing on the use of brain power. 6. ___Outsourcing is a special case of offshoring method where organization seeks to avoid labor shortage by acquiring labor from another country. 7. ___ Honesty test provides insufficient independent reliability, validity, generalizability and utility. 8. ___ The activity carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees is called recruitment. 9. ___ Drug test is expensive and may be challenged as invasion of privacy grounds. 10. ___ Downsizing is the planned elimination of large number of personnel designed to
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MGT 430 HRM test 2 - MGT 430 Human Resource Management- A...

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