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DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS CARLETON UNIVERSITY ECON 1000A TUTORIAL GROUPS FALL TERM 2008 Professor Douglas Smith 1. WHEN Tutorial groups will begin in the week of September 29. Groups will meet EVERY OTHER WEEK. The last group will meet in the week of November 17. Each group will meet FOUR (4) times in the Fall term. Time, location and start dates for each group are shown below. 2. WHERE You should have been assigned to a tutorial group when you registered. Locations are shown below. DISCUSSSION GROUP GRADES ARE PROVIDED TO ME BY THE TAs. YOU MUST ENSURE THAT YOU ARE ON THE GRADE LIST MAINTAINED BY YOUR TA. 3. TUTORIAL GRADES There will be THREE (3) assignments per term. Assignments will be provided to you in the groups and must be handed in to your discussion group leader on THE ASSIGNED DATE. Assignments will be accepted by TAs at the end of the tutorial session, ONLY from students
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Unformatted text preview: who attended that session . The best TWO (2) will count as your discussion group grade. In each term, tutorial group assignments will count for 10% of the final grade. [10 out of 50 in each term]. Some tutorial assignments will require you to work ahead of the material being covered in class. OPTION: It is in your interest to attend groups and do the assignments. If you do not hand in assignments, however, the assignment grade weight will be transferred to the December exam. GROUP SCHEDULE Group Number Day Time Start Date Location 1 TUES 11:35 SEPT 30 3235 ME 2 TUES 11:35 OCT 7 402 Southam 3 TUES 11:35 SEPT 30 415 Southam 4 TUES 10:35 OCT 7 3269 ME 5 TUES 10:35 SEPT 30 3235 ME 6 TUES 10:35 OCT 7 3328 ME 7 THURS 2:35 OCT 2 3190 ME 8 THURS 3:35 OCT 9 303 Southam 9 THURS 3:35 OCT 2 506 Southam 10 THURS 4:35 OCT 9 303 Southam 11 THURS 4:35 OCT 2 506 Southam...
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