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Assignment 1-Images effects (advertisements)

Assignment 1-Images effects (advertisements) - 1 Densen...

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1 Densen, Rebecca Densen September 14, 2011 ENG 201_G1 Soma S. Feldmar “What Weight Loss Ads Are Really Selling?” Advertisements affect our culture in more ways then are realized. They use many different psychological tactics to pull on your emotions and get you to buy a product. Body image is one of these tactics many advertisements use. Ads show off unrealistic body types, or unrealistic goals in attempt to trigger the consumer to desire every aspect of the advertisement including the person selling it in hopes this will cause that individual to desire the product itself. Most do not even notice the affects these advertisements have on them. One particular type of advertisement that presents an unrealistic goals and eventually an unrealistic body image, is ads for weight loss programs like Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig. Advertisements for weight loss programs often cause low self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, and eventually serious medical issues because they are not just selling their product but the idea that the only way to be happy is to be thinner than you are. Images can cause very intense reactions whether they are noticed or not. The weight loss programs that were previously mentioned have very distinct images in their advertisements. Take Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Watchers commercial for example, the commercial starts with a black background and Jennifer Hudson singing “Feeling Good” in a white dress. This is a very emotionally raw image. The black background is so she really stands out, to keep it simple, and to make her appear even more angelic and dynamic in her white dress. There is a bit of a glow from a light shinning from above over her creating a halo like feeling, which enhances this angelc feeling that was already perceived. Even her singing “Feeling Good,” was a thoughtfully
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2 planned out tactic. This song has is uplifting and powerful and with Hudson’s already powerful voice it adds to this higher power and angelic feeling. Also, this song represents how you supposedly would feel if you lost as much weight as Hudson has. The company expects that like Hudson you will be happier, and have less shame once you have lost weight. The next image we see is Hudson on a white background with the light still hitting her. This time she is in a black dress and saying how much happier and more confident she now feels. This is to make her appear strong and confident. The two images go back and forth to demonstrate these two very powerful emotions; a freeing happiness and a confidence, in hopes that the consumer associates this product with those feelings. This ad makes you envy Hudson, you want to look like her, and feel that confidence she has. You also, begin to feel shame and humiliation with your own body, and you realize the only way to be happy is to be skinnier, which is exactly what the company wants . In a poll it showed that advertisements make women feel old and unattractive, which is
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Assignment 1-Images effects (advertisements) - 1 Densen...

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