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eng hw 3 - Era They show how this is progress and has been...

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1 Densen, Rebecca Densen September 20, 2011 ENG 201_G1 Soma S. Felmar The article “The Information: How the Internet gets inside us,” by Adam Gopnik, was about the different views of how the Internet effects our society. He names the different views as Better-Nevers, Never-Betters, and the Ever-Wasers. The Better-Nevers believe that our society would be better without the Internet. They believe that the Internet is causing younger generations to be less intelligent and is making society today lose family time. They say it makes you lose the value of a book as well. Gopnik shows us their argument and then rebuttals it with how there is always new technology and that now you think the television is great but people before you thought that was ruining society. The Never-Betters believe just the opposite. They believe that the Internet is helping society and was a natural progression from the Enlightenment
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Unformatted text preview: Era. They show how this is progress and has been going on for a long time and has been causing a lot of good. Gopnik shows their good points however, he rebuttals this by showing all the bad technology has done throughout this “progress” and you must take that into account as well. The Ever-Wasers, believe that it is not the Internet at all that causes greatness or problems, it is the people using it. He says what the person does with the Internet or any technology for that matter that makes the effects good or bad. Gopnik builds up all the different arguments, and then he tears them all down. He later takes the side of the Ever-Waser. He makes a convincing argument that the Internet itself does not positively or negatively effect society but the person using it can....
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