IntroPersonality - patterns of behavior, thoughts, and...

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1 I NTRODUCTION TO P ERSONALITY P SYCHOLOGY ROADMAP ! How do we think about personality? ! Why personality? ! Working Definition ! Two Main Issues ! Approaches ! Components of Theories HOW DO WE THINK ABOUT PERSONALITY?
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2 WHY PERSONALITY? ! Compared to Social Psychology ! Same people are different in different situations VS ! Different people are different in same situation ! Relation to Abnormal Psychology ! Curiosity ! Prediction of others’ behavior WORKING DEFINITION Personality is the dynamic organization, within the individual, of psychophysical systems that create the person’s characteristic
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Unformatted text preview: patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings. (adapted from Allport, 1961) WORKING DEFINITION: COMPONENTS ! Organization ! Dynamic ! Psychophysical ! Create ! Patterns ! Behavior, thoughts, and feelings 3 TWO MAIN ISSUES 1. Individual Differences 2. Intrapersonal Functioning ! Different amounts of emphasis from different approaches APPROACHES ! Trait ! Biological ! Psychoanalytic ! Neoanalytic ! Phenomenological ! Learning ! Cognitive COMPONENTS OF THEORIES ! General Components ! Comprehensiveness ! Parsimony ! Testable...
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IntroPersonality - patterns of behavior, thoughts, and...

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