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ResearchMethods1-1 - RESEARCH METHODS I Clues to...

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Unformatted text preview: RESEARCH METHODS I: Clues to Personality DATA !!Need to be interpreted !!Data are clues !!Four types/sources of data SELF-JUDGMENTS (S DATA) !!Asking !!Can individuals directly be closed- or open- ended !! E.g., I am outgoing. (T / F) !! E.g., What are your goals? 1 ! SELF-JUDGMENTS (S DATA) !!Advantages !! Large amounts of information !! Access to Unique Information !! Studying aspects of personality based on self-view !! Causal Force !! Simple and Easy SELF-JUDGMENTS (S DATA) !!Disadvantages !! Won’t tell you !! Can’t tell you !! Too simple and easy INFORMANT JUDGMENTS (I DATA) !!Ask someone who knows the individual well 2 ! INFORMANT JUDGMENTS (I DATA) !!Advantages !! Large amount of information !! Real-World !! Common Basis Sense !! Studying aspects of personality based on others’ views !! Causal Force INFORMANT JUDGMENTS (I DATA) !!Disadvantages !! Limited !! No behavioral information access to private experiences !! Error !! Bias LIFE OUTCOMES (L DATA) !!Data from life that might tell us something about personality !!E.g., marital status, police record !!E.g., Bedrooms and Offices (Photos from http://www.utexas.edu/features/archive/2002/ spaces.html) 2 - clean office--> may be neat o rganized -picture of family-loving -efficient -plant- cares about environment-able to keep plant alive. -messy office--> -messy person -doesn't care -disorganized -xmas lights still up-lazy 3 ! LIFE OUTCOMES (L DATA) !!Advantages !! Objective !! Intrinsic and Verifiable Importance !! Psychological Relevance !!Disadvantage !! Multidetermination BEHAVIOR (B DATA) !!Direct observation of what the person has done in some specified context !!Types !! Natural Settings E.g., Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR) !! (Soundclips from http://dingo.sbs.arizona.edu/~mehl/ EARsoundbites.htm) BEHAVIOR (B DATA) !!Types (continued) !! Contrived Settings Experiments !! SOME Personality Tests !! Physiological Measures !! 4 ! BEHAVIOR (B DATA) !!Advantages !! Range of Contexts !! Objective and Quantifiable !!Disadvantage !! Uncertain interpretations MIXED DATA !!Combination of four types discussed !!Have strengths and weaknesses of both methods 5 ! ...
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