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Formula Sheet Test one Rebecca Densen (10ˆa)x(10ˆb)=10ˆa+b 1 Light Year = 63000Au or 9.5e15m speed of light =3e8m/s Angular size of sun/moon =1/2˚ 1Au =1.5e11m, 1.5e8m =arcmin =arcsec =60’ 1’ =60” G =6.67e-11Nmˆ2/ kgˆ2 or mˆ3/sˆ2kg Newton’s law of Universal gravity - Fg=-GMm/rˆ2 Fg=newtons M=mass of large m=mass of small rˆ2=distance to sun Orbital velocity - Vcˆ2=GM/r---m/s Orbital Period - P=2πr/Vc—s Newton’s 2 nd law F=ma Escape Velocity - Vesc=√2G/R Small Angle Formula - Angle diameter(arcsec)/206,265=linear diameter/distance
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