interview psych and guidence

interview psych and guidence - 11. What do you do to make...

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Rebecca Densen Name of interviewed person: Intro to Education Job title the person has: Interview Questions-psychologist/guidance counselor 1. What does your average workday consist of? 2. About how many students do you see each day for sessions? 3. What ages are the students that usually come to see you? 4. Does one gender come more than the other? 5. Is there one age group you find easier to work with than others? 6. How long do your sessions go usually? 7. How do students go about starting sessions with you? Are they usually recommended, or do they ever just come in to talk? And if so is it usually a problem they come in for or just to talk? If recommended, then by whom? 8. What are a few examples of the problems you help these students face? 9. What are some of the tactics you go suggest to help with their problems? 10. Do any of the students ever really resist participating in their sessions?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. What do you do to make each child feel more comfortable talking to you? 12. Do you ever go in and observe a student to make sure they are all right in the classroom? 13. Does this school use you as a See it as well (over sees students with issues during the day), or do they hire someone else for that? 14. Do you ever do parent or family sessions in or out of school? 15. Do you run sessions outside of the school? If so, is it with just children or do you work with adults as well? 16. What kind of schooling did you go through to get this job? What undergrad degree? What Masters program, psych or education? 17. What is the most rewarding part of your job? 18. Have any advice for someone aspiring to have your job?...
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interview psych and guidence - 11. What do you do to make...

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