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Meeting Individual Needs: A Learning Styles Success Story The link above leads to the article "Meeting Individual Needs: A Learning Styles Success Story." This article is about using specific learning-styles for each student that is compatible with how they learn best. The model that is most looked at in this article is Dunn & Dunn's Learning-Styles Model. This model was tested and proven effective in many schools. It helps not only the teacher to teach but the parent to understand what is happening in school and the student to help with their own work From the school C.C. Lee that had most of it's teachers using this model it was said that "during the school year, C.C. Lee students have told their teachers that it was "fun" and "easier to learn" when the students applied new information about their learning styles to their daily work." This shows that students are able to use this for themselves not just in the classroom but at home and in years to come. I really like this idea of having students learn in a way that
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