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Observation Target Points-1 - Does the teacher have lesson...

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What to look for in your classroom observations: Teaching Styles Is the teacher engaging students? How so? Does the teacher “stand and deliver” or create an interactive classroom? Are there various methods of instruction being used? Is there any differentiation between learners (i.e. alternate worksheets, different activities to address special needs, challenge activities for high level, etc.) Do the students seem to be engaged and paying attention? Classroom Management Is there a reward system visible? (Points, stickers, class goal, behavior chart, etc.) How does the teacher address behavior problems? Does instruction stop when a student is not on task? Are there class jobs or is there a chart of the different roles in the classroom? Do students have specific class expectations? Do children get sent out of the classroom for misbehaving? Are parents called? Letters home? (You may have to ask the teacher.) Curriculum
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Unformatted text preview: Does the teacher have lesson plans in front of him/her or on his/her desk? • Is there a scripted program for teaching language arts or math? (That is, does the teacher use a teacher’s manual and students follow along in student textbooks?) • Is there connection between subjects or are subjects taught independently of one another? Physical Space • How many students? • How many teachers? • How is the classroom set up? • Do students ever break into groups to discuss? • Is there student work hung in the class? • Bright colors? Lights? Class pet? Assessment • How do students prove what they’ve learned? • Is there mention of state exams? • Are student scores posted anywhere? • If students are assessed while you are there, what does it look like? Any other observations • Pull outs/push ins for special needs? • Guided reading groups? • Freetime? • Lunch? • Parents or guests in class?...
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Observation Target Points-1 - Does the teacher have lesson...

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