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Sample contact letter for observation hours: September 12, 2011 Dear Mr./Mrs. Smith, I am a student at the University at Buffalo. I am currently enrolled in Introduction to Education, a course that examines the education profession today. For this class, I am required to participate in 10 hours of on-site classroom observations. Through these observations, I will take note of a variety of elements in the classroom, such as classroom management and discipline, teaching styles, curriculum content, and assessment. I am interested in (elementary, secondary English, counseling, etc.) education and have found
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Unformatted text preview: that you are a professional in this area. I would love the opportunity to sit in on some of your lessons to observe how your classroom operates. If you have time to meet or email with me to discuss potential hours, I would greatly appreciate it. If you are unable to help me, I would also appreciate a contact for someone in your area who might be able to. Thank you for your consideration and for helping me to learn a bit more about the wonderful field of education. I can be reached at (555)123-4567 or via email ([email protected]). Sincerely, (your name)...
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