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eng 101 response 2 - Rebecca(Becky Densen...

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Rebecca (Becky) Densen English-discussion post 2 In the reading this week of “The “C” Word in the Hallways” and “Why Prisons Don’t Work,” I saw a little bit of how to write an argument essay without putting it in standard essay form. The authors of both made convincing arguments and made me side with them. In “The “C” Word in the Hallways,” I agreed with what she was saying about the blame of these young boys can not simply be put on them, especially with the mental illnesses they were dealing with. The author made me want the insurance companies to allow for psychology to be more accessible, and for mental illness to be seen in our schools and society as an illness and not a problem with the person’s character. “Why Prison’s Don’t Work,” made me agree with the strictness of the prisons. I still believe that one should pay for what they have done, however I now believe maybe prison should be treated as more of a rehab than a punishment. Also, I believe that some
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eng 101 response 2 - Rebecca(Becky Densen...

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