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eng 101assign. 1 - Programs like Long Island High School...

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Rebecca Densen 9/28/10 Rough Draft of Assignment 1 Many have picked up a crayon and colored at some point of their childhood. Most little girls have been to dance class. Many have tried some sort of painting as a child; have made a macaroni picture, or a Popsicle house. All of which are forms are art. Children are taught to be creative before even entering school. So why not continue to encourage students to pursue their creative instincts? Arts education has been proven to develop imagination. Many New York schools have used cutting from the arts as part of their budget cuts. Although many have tried to stand up to this budget cut, still cuts have continued to be made.
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Unformatted text preview: Programs like Long Island High School for the Arts (LIHSA) begin to suffer. This is a public school, for gifted students all over Long Island. Year after year more and more school districts stop sending students to LIHSA, due to the cost and the budget cuts the schools have been forced to take. This program has been known to increase student’s grade point averages and to send students to great colleges with scholarships. The gifted students of the school districts, that have discontinued the use of this program, have had to suffer do to the economic climate of our country....
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