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eng 101assignment 2 - Rebecca Densen 9/19/10 Assignment 2...

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Rebecca Densen 9/19/10 Assignment 2 Lost at the Beach Ever get lost in a place where everything looks the same? For some it can be scary, others it can be exciting; for me it was both. It was 2001; I was 9 and had just finished the fourth grade. It was my first trip to the beach that summer and I was so ready to show off my new cute bathing suit. That hot sunny day, it was near ninety degrees, the hottest day so far, around 8 AM, my mom took my older brother and I to Robert Moses Beach, one of the nicest beaches on Long Island. There we met up with my best friends Jenna, Alyssa, and their families. Upon arriving we had quickly found the perfect spot to set up our stuff, and enjoy the beautiful day. We had our unmistakable blue towel and my mom’s beach chair. Alyssa had a giant yellow umbrella to shade to shade her baby brother’s face. The beach was packed with people that day, more than usual. About two hours into us being there, the family next to us told my mom that Will Smith was filming Men in Black II in the lighthouse down the boardwalk. Why they chose this lighthouse we did not know, and did not care, all we knew was it only a 5-minute walk from where we were. Jenna’s older sister really wanted to meet Will Smith, so she took Jenna, Alyssa, my brother and me down the boardwalk to see if we could find him. Unfortunately for us, when we got there a tall man, in his mid thirties with a bit of a beard, in a black tee shirt that had “Crew” written on it said that the cast was on break for brunch. We asked when they would be back. The man told us to try back around 2PM, so we headed back and decided to try again later.
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We continued to play, lie out, and eat our lunch. Jenna and her family left, and Alyssa and I continued to play in the water and the sand. 2 PM soon approaches and my brother did not want to come with us to see Will Smith anymore, since Alyssa and I were still young we thought there was no way our moms would let us still go. We decided to try anyway. Alyssa and I begged our moms to let us go on our own. We made sure to sound desperate to see him, by whining and begging. My mom asked if I knew where it was, I nodded my head; she asked if I knew how to get back, I again quickly nodded my head. She then told me with a stern look on her face, that we can go as long as while we are leaving we look for one land mark, to know where our stuff is when its time to come back. I quickly promised without even thinking. Our moms trusted us to
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eng 101assignment 2 - Rebecca Densen 9/19/10 Assignment 2...

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