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eng ass 3 subway - Rebecca Densen Essay 3 Rough Draft Due...

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Rebecca Densen Essay 3 Rough Draft Due 11/1/10 Society today thinks of professional athletes as icons . People follow their every move and some want to be just like them . The food company Subway is well aware of this and uses it as their main marketing tool . The company sells the idea of being like athletes, like Michael Phelps for an example, in order the sell their products . They also are aware of the obsession society has with weight loss and choices, they use these to their advantage as well. The company combines these tactics to be able to sell their sandwiches (“Micheal Phelps SUBWAY Commercial " ) . In one of Subway’s commercials they show the side-by-side images of Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, and Subway’s spokesman, Jared Fogle, to display the differences in each ones everyday life. They have Phelps put on goggles while Fogle puts on glasses. Fogle bends down to stretch, as Phelps bends down to prepare for a dive into the pool. It showed an elite’s life with a relatively normal person’s life next to each other and displays the idea of being yourself. This tactic is eye catching and makes the viewer want to see the rest of this creativity. The company did also this to the song “Thank You for Letting Me be Myself,” by Sly and the Family Stone . This song makes the public want to sing along and continue to watch (“Micheal Phelps SUBWAY Commercial " ) . - - - - - - - - - - The marketing team of Subway used this approach for a commercial for various reasons . They knew that Jared was already an icon of weight loss off their product . He had previously proved that eating Subway and exercising will help one lose a tremendous amount of weight . Society knows who he is and know what he represents . Putting him next to a known and looked up to athlete like Michael Phelps, was wise . The company knows that Phelps is an athlete that
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many look up to and love . They know that he has all the perks of a celebrity plus has to do the extra effort to stay fit, which is what made him so loved by society . By adding the two together makes the reference to the company easy because of Jared and makes the consumer want to have some connection to Michael Phelps . The company was not selling a sandwich they were selling the idea of being like Phelps and Jared, but yet being yourself . Adding this well known and catchy song, made the consumer sing along, and know that they were suppose to be looking at the differences in Phelps’ and Jared’s lives . Then to see them sitting next to each other eating Subway, was used to show no matter how different you are we can all like the same food (“Micheal Phelps SUBWAY Commercial " ) . And you can have your food anyway you want it . Many know that Subway’s marketing plan for years was Jared’s weight loss and has
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eng ass 3 subway - Rebecca Densen Essay 3 Rough Draft Due...

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