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eng101 disscussion post 3

eng101 disscussion post 3 - to explain what the point of...

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Rebecca Densen Discussion Post 3 10/7/10 I have had a lot of trouble with this last essay trying to make an argument without making it a formal essay. I am unsure if mine accomplishes the task at all. I did mine on why the schools should fund the arts and stop cutting from them every time there is a budget cut. My sources definitely prove my point but I do not know if my structure was ok. I knew what I had wanted to put and wrote each paragraph on them but I was not sure what order they should go in or if the transitions to each paragraph were ok. I had a real life example from my own past incorporated in and I wasn’t sure if that was ok, or not. After the class on how to write this kind of essay I was more confused than before. I know to add points to argue the apposing side (which I need to add), but I do not when those points stop being counter points and begin to hinder my argument. I also had trouble with my introduction I wanted it to make a statement, but I wanted it
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Unformatted text preview: to explain what the point of the essay was as well and I am not sure if I did that correctly. I also had a difficult time making my essay 5 pages without adding in extra unnecessary details that add fluff. I really liked the first assignment. The second one, not as much. I loved the way the authors we read in the text wrote their persuasive essays but am unaware of how to do that. The class discussion on the World Trade Center confused me; I was unsure what the purpose was. I know it had something to do with the first essay but I am unsure what. I was very pleased with my grade on my first essay and hope to continue to write as well as I did for that. I struggle with grammar and I think that is what lost me points on the first essay, and probably will on the second essay as well. I tend to write how I speak which never turns out right. I will discuss that with you during our conference....
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