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gay marriage - Rebecca Densen Essay 4 Gay Rights The United...

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Rebecca Densen Essay 4 Gay Rights The United States laws and rights are based on the constitution. This constitution is there to protect all men and women of the country however; some groups feel their rights are not being protected. One large group in which many feel this is the homosexuals. Many feel as though they are just as worthy to obtain the right to marry, or to adopt as another American, yet they are still, in most cases, denied these rights. Gay Rights is a controversial topic that has been on the minds of many and is all over the media. New generations coming up are becoming more open and more accepting of homosexuality and cannot understand why they are not granted the same rights as everyone else. Only one state in the United States allows for gay marriage, Massachusetts. Many states instead allow for Civil Unions. A civil union is the states way of giving some of the benefits and rights that marriage provides to same-sex couples. Civil Unions allow for the use of victims’ and workers’ compensations similar to that of spouses. Under a civil union one is able to sue for wrongful death of their partner. They are also able to sue for emotion distress or loss of consortium that is caused by a partners’ death. As for health care they are able to make medical decisions for their partner if the other is incapacitated. Under civil unions there is the ability for a joint title on a property. For state tax they are seen as a financial unit and will not be forced to ever testify against their partner. ( On top of all of this civil unions are not always recognized from state to state, this forces couples to have to stay in the state they are currently located in so that
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Despite all the rights covered under a civil union there are still many more that are not. This is one of the reasons that many continue to fight for same-sex couples to have the right to marriage. Some of the rights not covered include, Immigration Rights, a non- American partner cannot become a full citizen once the union is formed, Social Security, a partner cannot collect the benefits they should once their partner has passed, and federal taxes cannot be jointly filed under a civil union as they are for a marriage. ( Those who argue for same-sex marriage argue that marriage is a legal
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gay marriage - Rebecca Densen Essay 4 Gay Rights The United...

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