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BIOL 2051 Final Exam Review Exp 27 - products Methyl Red...

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Experiment 27 The IMViC Series: A Set of Biochemical Reactions Medium Reactant/ Substrate Process/ Enzyme Product Reagent/ Indicator Positive Appearanc e Negative Appearance I 1% tryptone broth Tryptophan Tryptophanase Indole , pyruvic acid, ammonia Kovac’s Red layer on top Colorless or pale orange band on top M MR-VP broth Glucose Mixed acid fermentation ACIDIC fermentation
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Unformatted text preview: products Methyl Red Red color Yellow color (no red) Vi MR-VP broth Glucose Butanediol fermentation NEUTRAL fermentation products Alpha naphthol and 40% potassium hydroxide Wine red color No color change C Simmons citrate agar Sodium citrate Citrate transport enzyme Alkaline products Bromthymo l blue Deep blue Remains green...
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