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turner stylistics - G.W. Turner Stylistics 01402.1643x 11...

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Unformatted text preview: G.W. Turner Stylistics 01402.1643x 11 Phonemes : e.g. /Z/ speech sounds distinguished by speakers of a particular language Assimilation : e.g.: accepting stape for state in speech as a realization of the word 13 even the turn of a page may be carefully planned 14 competence V. performance-Abstract-particular-Langue-parole (distinction of Saussure)-language as abstract-individual uses of language on Pattern or scheme. Particular occasions. John runs E.g. John runs as plain as informed by articulation, intonation, language, w/ reference only style, etc. to the grammar of it 17 phoneme inventory : complete set of phoneme in a dialect 19 grammar : in a wide sense, all formal analysis of language, i.e., all attempts to arrive at the general pattern or scheme found in the sounds and words of language and their arrangement * The grammarian isolates the forms and constructions to which meaning can be attached and establishes the norms against which variation can be clearly marked. 23 * Style is the man himself.[or at least the authorial voice]--Buffon * A personal style, once it is formed, may be imitated by others, either in pastiche, where salient points, often exaggerated, are selected for imitation, or, more respectfully, in the formation of a later writers style, where the more striking idiosyncrasies are likely to be avoided. The parodist seeks as his target the writers of most individual tone and recognizable style. 26 The more restricted the application of a formula, however, the more precisely the formula ikmplies its context, so that even in isolation hold the line suggests a setting in the world of telephones, and so its meaning, narrowed in one dimension, is enriched in another as it takes on connotations of the whole modern business world and the world of long-distance telephone calls. 28 Inevitably the connotations of language prove on closer analysis to be understood from the particular nature of the situations or contexts in which the language is used, or else such contexts are inferred from the language. 29 Style : everything that transcends the referential and goes on to particularize emotive overtones, emphasis, rhythm, symmetry, euphony, and also the so-called evocative elements which place our style in a particular register (literary, colloquial, slangy, etc.) or associate it with a partricular milieu (historical, foreign, provincial, slangy, etc....
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turner stylistics - G.W. Turner Stylistics 01402.1643x 11...

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