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CHEN 3010 Applied Data Analysis Fall 2004 Names: __________________________ __________________________ Workshop Exercise #2 __________________________ __________________________ Discuss the following questions as a group and write in answers in the space provided. 1. The text uses an example of gas mileage for a car to illustrate variability and discuss sources of variability. What is another example from your own experience? Describe it and list possible sources of variability. 2. Using the students in the class as a sample of all the students on the CU campus, what measurement could we take of the sample and then use statistical inference to predict a characteristic of the
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Unformatted text preview: population? What problems might be inherent to doing this? 3. What type of study would likely be used to analyze the West Nile virus occurance in the State of Colorado last Summer? Why would other study types be infeasible? 4. Why is it important to randomize the order of runs in a designed experiment? 5. If we designed an experimental campaign to study the effect of speed and octane rating on the gas mileage of a car, describe the interaction effect and speculate whether it would be significant or not....
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