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CHEN 3010 Applied Data Analysis Fall 2000 Mid-Term Test #1 - Version A (open text and notes, 75 mins, 75 points) Staple this question sheet to your answer sheets. Problem 1. (10points) Eye pressure of the human population follows a normal distribution with a mean of 17 mm Hg, with a standard deviation of 3 mm Hg. For patients with glaucoma, the eye pressure is higher with a mean of 30 mm Hg and a standard deviation of 8 mm Hg. For diagnostic purposes, patients with a critical eye pressure reading of 22 mm Hg or greater are considered to have glaucoma. Calculate the fraction of normal population, which could be misdiagnosed as glaucomic. Problem 2. (10 points) A random variable x takes on only the values 1, 2 or 3 with probabilities 13 3 + k , 12 3 + k , and 05 5 3 . + k , respectively. 2.1 (4 points) Find the correct value of k . 2.2 (4 points) Compute the mean and variance of x . 2.3 (2 points) Determine the cumulative distribution of x . Problem 3. (10 points) Maximum daily measurements of carbon monoxide
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