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CHEN 3010 Applied Data Analysis Fall 2004 Homework #11 (optional or make-up homework) due in class on Tuesday, December 7 th OR Wednesday December 8 th by 9 am. Solve these problems using Excel and Minitab as appropriate. 1. Problem 7-4 2. Problem 7-9 3. Problem 7-14 4. Problem 7-15 5. Problem 7-24 6. Problem 7-25 The last two problems are based on materials (pp. 351-366) to be covered in class on Tuesday
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Unformatted text preview: (December 7 th ). You are encouraged to read the assigned reading for that class and solve these two problems based on your reading, so you can turn them in by Tuesday’s classtime. If you want to wait until I go over these materials in class and then solve these last two problems, then you should turn the homework set in by Wednesday December 8 th by 9 am....
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