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CHEN 3010 Applied Data Analysis Fall 2004 Homework #2 due at the beginning of class on Thursday, Sept. 9 th 1. Problem 2-26 Solve this problem by hand / calculator and show your calculations along the way. Then compare your result to that from Minitab’s built-in function. Attach Minitab output as well. 2. Problem 2-32 Read the data left to right and then read the next row left to right again (different from what is
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Unformatted text preview: stated in the text!). Use Mintab or Excel for the time series plot. 3. Problem 2-38 Use basic formulas to compute the sample correlation coefficient by calculator and show intermediate steps. Then compare your result to that from Excel’s built-in function. 4. Problem 3-11 5. Problem 3-16 all parts (but only for the functions b and c in problem 3-15) 6. Problem 3-24...
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