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CH 456 Grading Rubric (Fluoride ISE) Prelab 4 points Oral quiz 2 points Written 2 points Title page (All or nothing) 1 point Experimental 3 points Procedure (paragraph form) 2 points Chemicals Used 1 point Results 7 points Accuracy-Calibration Curve 2 points Standard Additions plot (with calculation of Xi) 2 points Statistical analysis (calibration curve only) 1 point Tabulated Results 1 point Organization 1 point Discussion 5 points Point breakdown/question
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Unformatted text preview: Varies References 1 point Are they listed? 0.75 points Correct formatting (ACS style) 0.25 points Appendix 2 points Attached Lab notebook pages (carbon copies) 1 point Typed Calculations in Equation Editor 1 point Literature Review 1 point Appropriate article? 0.75 points Properly cited 0.25 points Lab Report Presentation 1 point Writing Efficiency 0.5 points Formatting 0.5 points Total = 25 points...
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