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4/14/11 Chapter 18 Nitrogen Metabolism Nitrogenase splits the dinitrogen to make 2 ammonia molecules Nitrogen ends up in amino acids, proteins, purines, pyrimidines and biogenic amines Humans fix nitrogen in fertilizer. Nitrate is the storage form of nitrogen in soil. Soil bacteria plays a huge role in cycling nitrogen through the biosphere. Nitrogen Fixation Organisms use a dinitrogen complex to break the difficult triple bond, need strong
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Unformatted text preview: reducing agent as electron source and large amounts of ATP • Requires 16 ATP and 8 electrons to break down N2 to make 2 ammonium ions Glutamine Synthetase • Tightly regulated to maintain a supply of accessible amino groups Glutamate Synthetase • Bacteria and plants • Mammals lack this enzyme but get glutamate from other sources ***Know names of substrates and enzymes used in figure 18-4 (urea cycle)...
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