Exam 3 Review - Receptor tyrosine kinases Can be activated...

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Exam 3 Review 3/22/11 Chapter 9 Active transport Move against conc gradient Requires atp Passive transport: porins Trimers Composed of beta strands Always open Passive transport: ion channels/gated channels Passive transport: glucose transporter Open to the outside, glucose comes in, it inverts then glucose goes in Uniport 1 molecule Symport both molecules in the same direction Antiport both molecules in different direction Active transport Going against gradient Atp hydrolysis drives the reaction Ex: Na, K-ATPase **be familiar with equation Secondary active transport Uniport symport and antiport Membrane fusion Formation of SNARE comples is thermo favorable Chapter 10:signaling Two types of receptors 1. GCPR activate G protein Has GTP on it, then G protein falls apart. Alpha subunit has GTPase 2. Common secondary messenger: cyclic AMP (camp) **know step by step process switching removes phosphoryl group?
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Unformatted text preview: Receptor tyrosine kinases Can be activated by insulin One monomer phosphorylates tyrosine and other monomer phosphorylates the other Lipid hormone signaling Chapter 11: Carbs Draw Hayworth projections, linear forms, D verse L Start with glucose then fructose then lactose Sugar Derivatives Know disaccharides Know polysaccharides (mono, di and tri) Amylose: forms a spiral Glycoproteins Sugars can be appended to proteins Glycosaminoglycan Proteoglycans Peptidoglycan What bacterial cell walls are made of Gives shape to organism 2 types: gram-positive and gram-negative Metabolism Digestion Energy Storage Protein Degradation *diagram Metabolic Pathways *Don’t need to know redox cofactors mechanism or reaction Glycolysis Up to triose phosphate isomerase** Know enzymes Know which steps require every and produce energy Hexokinase Irreversible...
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Exam 3 Review - Receptor tyrosine kinases Can be activated...

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