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PED 106C Proposal - Manny Erives Thursday February 3 PED...

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Manny Erives Thursday February 3 PED 106C My ultimate goal for this weight-training semester is to put on some muscle mass an increase my weight. I currently change weight all the time between 150 pounds to 155 pounds and would like to see an increase to about 165 pounds. I am 5 foot 9 inches and would like to really work hard during this semester in weight training and possibly try the FIT program that UT currently offers. I have a tough semester class-wise and trying to graduate so this may not be a possibility but I will pursue it if time permits. Last semester it was all about learning how to use the machines properly so you wouldn’t hurt yourself and now I’m ready to go out and stick to a great workout routine. One exercise I would have liked to do more last semester was leg exercises. Now we all know how terrible your legs may hurt after not doing such an exercise for so long but in the end it’s great for you. I have heard that the legs hold the most testosterone and more is released from the legs during leg repetition exercises.
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