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BEING A FATHER Rolando D. Lavisto Jr., CE4 It is really good to be a father With a wife, proving that love is forever Living in a far away home Promising each other, “You won’t be alone”. It is so hard to be a father There are times I’ve got to leave her To find a job, I must be a survivor So I can give my family a bright future. It has been a challenge being a father Something had to be sacrificed for a son or daughter I did what I had to make I did it all for my family sake. It is a lifetime job to be a father
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Unformatted text preview: Everything you do, it must be for the better Just to see smiles from their faces All sweat and tiredness will be erased. I’ve been happy to be a father Seeing my children successful and stronger Graduations came, my tears fell Thanks to HIM, my hard works went well. But there’s retirement being a father Because our time here is not forever As I lay on the ground, my memory will remain And I know, in heaven, we’ll see each other again....
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