Mallon-A Book of One's Own

Mallon-A Book of One's Own - Epigraph sentiment: Why do we...

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Epigraph sentiment: Why do we wish to be remembered? The need to be loved? Generally -may contain freely inserted passages and/or annotations written long after the events took place: a peculiar combination of immediacy and retrospection. -Waugh: "Nobody wants to read other people's reflections on life and religion and polictics, but the routine of their day, properly recorded, is always interesting." -often uncertain of audience, but knows it is more than for self -fundamental motive: to cheat death -sense of deliberate composition -sometimes more interesting than truthful -sense of immediacy, e.g. After dinner I tried to write this account. .. -doubling of experience by living it and then writing it -every diary is a novel with its last chapters ripped out -after awhile, you're always writing for a public -"all these things I have to do every day, therefore I have mentioned the whole that I mite not have to mention them eevery day." -ciphering entries may add piquancy to rereading. Chroniclers -sustained happiness a condition of keeping a long chronicle diary, even if it is pleasure in own world-weariness -often compulsively attracted to the pleasures of writing, including its physical ones: the sound, the feel -travels and parties share space with national events and family scandals -often interrupted by
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Mallon-A Book of One's Own - Epigraph sentiment: Why do we...

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