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LIFE IS SOMEWHAT MESIRABLENG of stupid potato I was stupid potato, civil engineering student. Maybe you're wondering my name because it is, can you say when I nangangamote class. Yes I admit, but, I'm not stupid. No person stupid. No, anyone. I'm still one of the students turn the path and thought that no other course and embark on a course I regret entrance. Dad just forced me in this course, alternatively, supine to study of what any thing that I also naiintintindihan. In fact, both the subject and when I defeated the 1st sem, plus English and theology. When Dad found it, she scolded me. So after, I reduced the allowance yet I pinagkakasya food twice a day ('s pangdinner, I intended pangdota, sssshhh only ah?), Transportation, and boarding houses in Brgy. 2. Often my hiding, pretending to sleep, or otherwise just go home for a long day avoiding charges of stepmother to five months boarding fee that I have paid. The social's aunt, said boarding fees. Haha! In other words, poor me and mercilessly let me see myself for the suffering caused to sinasapit study, the aunt, and I defeated subjects. Fatigue. But despite the suffering it, I can do more along with my fellow nannies boardmates heartbroken. Bar hopping occasionally 'support because there is no school Friday morning, especially andun always looking for my eyes that seemed fun fun every nakakasalimuha the positive energy from the beauty of the dyosang tumatagay. Weird. I do not know, concentrated sin 'tong pinaggagagawa my life. However, to minimize this sin, I went to Sunday gig every week (hence the Sunday gig) before Estevez hospital. O Diva, balance. Hehe In the end, going home to. Na'ko summer and go anyway. Still good there, even remotely, but also the worst. Nagsialisan to non paying boardmate beloved, I just left the boarding house. Processed I because the I of sociology, theology and humanities. Parties really to pre! Three subjects' yun ah. As usual, not because I nakapagpass socio research papers, I am not the dance presentation nakasabay we humanities. Fallen so that? Haie, who also lives, as theology is still some remedial exam? Haie. I busted yet I nililigawan with Angelica. With Angelica, skinny, sexy, cute, nose, singkit, and above all, beautiful, academic achiever, another Miss Intrams, inde ah, another miss universe she is nice, accounting students and most of all . .. social. I do not know if I get in San incredible courage to woo her. Maybe because even though she was social as I felt I also want her. Still waiting for the men, you are not courts if he does not the motive or approaches with the hope syang answer. And it s happened to me. Victimized me with his eyes and his smile. I was deceived. The size of the woman I spent Yon ah. Panglibre sa fare and Mcdo. If only, all girls just want McDo fries. But not eh. I have done bet more credits and just the clothes I make money. I also mostly play
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This note was uploaded on 10/10/2011 for the course DPWH research taught by Professor Enr.marietapadilla during the Spring '11 term at Divine Word.

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