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WISH OF A POOR AND A RICH Rolando D. Lavisto, BSCE 4 Who would have thought that Aladdin would be richer than the king? In the Disney’s film “Aladdin”, the main character was a poor man, and a thief just like Robin Hood, turned into a prince with the help of a Genie. He was thrown to a place far away from home because he fell in love with the princess. And there he met genie. He wished to be a rich prince because it’s the only way he thought to have the approval of the king. And so it happened. The villain in the film was a sorcerer. When he found out Aladdin’s secret, he stole the magic lamp and wished to be a powerful sorcerer, own a lot of treasures, and own a kingdom. He is already rich but he wished for more. If life is like a tale of Aladdin, and there is someone who can grant your wish even if it is next to impossible, what will it be? Will you wish to have a mansion, treasures, and fancy things? Own a company? What are these for? If wishes from a shooting star could come true, and a coin thrown into a wishing well could come back a thousand fold, Totoy would have been very rich by now. Totoy, 10 years old, is a “regular” beggar at Hepa Street in Legazpi city. They are eleven in the family, including his grandmother. He has four siblings who are working as a beggar too and he’s the oldest among them. He wished for a toy, a comfortable shelter for his family, a pair of shoes, because he never had one. He doesn’t even have a slipper. He could barely say what he wants
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