psychch6.1-6.2 - Psychology Ch 6 learning(pg.194-209 6.1...

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Psychology Ch. 6 learning (pg.194-209) 6.1 Behaviorism behaviorists: dominated the study of animal learning, insist that psychologists should study only observable, measurable behaviors, not mental processes -seek simplest possible explanation for behavior methodological behavior: study only the events that they can measure and observe (enviro), sometimes use those obsv to infcer internal events intervening variable: something that we cannot directly observe but that links a variety of procedures to a variety of possible responses (thirst, sex, fear) -most psych researchers are methodological behaviorists radical behaviorists: do not deny that private events such as hunger or fear exist but they consider the terms un- helpful (deny that hunger, fear cause behavior) -any internal state is caused by events in enviro -cause of behavior lies in events, not internal -any statement about mental experiences can be converted into a description of behavior -structuralists: studied thoughts, ideas, sensations, by asking ppl to describe them -Loeb; complex behavior is the result of adding together the change of speed and direction elicited by various stimuli stimulus-response psychology: attempt to explain behavior in terms of how each stimulus triggers a re-
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psychch6.1-6.2 - Psychology Ch 6 learning(pg.194-209 6.1...

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