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Psych Thinking 11/2/10 metacognition: being observer of own thoughts/processes -Brain: grows own circuits, repairs itself(somewhat), agent, adaptive software, organic (C,O,N), can teach itself [VS. Digital computer] ~Areas where brain takes shortcuts: perception, imagination, forming concepts, making decisions PERCEPTION -margaret thatcher illusion, upside down face -top-down processing (experience affects perception) stroop effect: the interference between automatized and deliberate ways of thinking [Colors of words, green brown red] -visual system treats “gap” as a single feature, but not “absence of gap”
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Unformatted text preview: IMAGINATION-brain uses visual areas (parietal) when you imagine seeing something as if actually there FORMING CONCEPTS-defining a chair, dog • definitional theory of meaning MAKING DECISIONS • availability heuristic: our basing our decision on the most easily recalled alternatives • representativeness heuristic: when only a few instances are taken to represent the en-tire category [accord blowing up] • framing bias: when the wording of a problem leads us to a decision-framing bias “spinning”, using same info, spun diff ways...
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