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Case_01_Robin_Hood_TN - Teaching Note Case 1 Robin Hood...

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Teaching Note: Case 1 – Robin Hood Case Objectives 1. To provide an introduction to the conceptual framework of strategic management using a non-business situation. 2. To introduce students to the process of problem identification and potential solution analysis that will be used in case discussions throughout the semester. See the table below to determine where to use this case: Chapter Use Key Concepts 1: Strategy Concept Leadership for strategic management; sustainable competitive advantage; vision, mission, strategic objectives; external environment; internal environment; efficiency vs. effectiveness; stakeholder management Case Synopsis Robin Hood and his merry men are now in trouble because wealthy travelers (their source of revenue) are avoiding the forest. As is often common in an entrepreneurial organization, the Merry Men were highly motivated by Robin Hood’s leadership. Therefore, Robin had previously relied on informal communication to organize and implement operations. Robin is pleased with the growing size and influence of his organization. However, growth has meant that specialized duties have begun taking up most of the men’s time, leaving a command vacuum between Robin and the first line recruits. In addition, they are now all located in a large encampment that can be seen for miles. This creates the probability of a surprise attack on their position. Growth has also put great pressures on resources, so now they must harvest the forest more thoroughly. Rich travelers are avoiding the forest, so in desperation Robin is considering robbing the poorer travelers, which means his lieutenants must now tell their men to rob their brothers and fathers. What started as a rebellion has been routinized into banditry. Robin must therefore begin to question the Merry Men’s mission. Should it still be an extension of his private grudges and aspirations? Has the organization acquired a new mission, if so what is it? On whose behalf should the organization formulate its mission! Teaching Plan Most students are familiar with the Robin Hood story, so it’s possible to ask them to read this short case in class during the 1 st or 2 nd class meeting. Either use the PowerPoint slides or ask the discussion questions directly. As students respond, either write answers on the board or refer to the PowerPoint slide answers. It’s up to the instructor whether or not to assign Chapter 1 prior to discussing the case. If the case is read before the chapter is read, then the instructor has the option to ask students, when they do read the chapter, to identify the concepts in the chapter that they
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recognize from the case discussion, and come to the next class prepared to share what they recognized. If the case is discussed after students have read Chapter 1, the instructor can ask students to identify what concepts apply from the chapter. Summary of Discussion Questions
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Case_01_Robin_Hood_TN - Teaching Note Case 1 Robin Hood...

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