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Case 8. Automation Consulting Services Teaching Note The HBS Publishing teaching note for Automation Consulting Services, Teaching Note ( 5-191-030 ) is available for free online directly from HBS Publishing for university professors. Instructions for university professors to register for Sample Area access: Instructors who register at the HBS Publishing are usually verified within two business days. After being verified, instructors will have access to Harvard Business Review articles, Newsletter articles, Harvard Business School Cases and Teaching Notes. Sample copies of these materials are available to read at no charge and these will have the full text , however, they will have a DO NOT COPY watermark when printed out. Clean copies can be purchased with a Visa, Amex, or MasterCard. Also, the downloaded electronic files will be saved to "My Library", a storage area on the site that is exclusively yours and holds all your favorite links, product previews, conference materials and purchased or
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