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Unformatted text preview: E7-8 (a) Correct. Net sales, net income, total assets, and total common stockholders' equity information for a recent year is available for the following three companies. Net Sales Net Income Total Assets Total Common Equity Company (in millions) (in millions) (in millions) (in millions) Southern $1,47 $11,251 $35,045 $9,648 Company 4 Toys "R" Us, $11,305 $229 $10,218 $4,222 Inc. $5,64 Intel Corp. $30,141 $47,143 $37,846 1 Compute the following relationships for each company. (Round all ratios to 1 decimal place, e.g. 10.5.) Debt to total assets ratio. Southern Company 72.5 % Toys "R" Us, Inc. 58.7 % Intel Corp. 19.7 % Profit margin percentage (Return on sales) Southern Company 13.1 % Toys "R" Us, Inc. 2.0 % Intel Corp. 18.7 % Return on assets Southern Company 4.2 % Toys "R" Us, Inc. 2.2 Intel Corp. 12.0 Return on common stockholders' equity Southern Company 15.3 % Toys "R" Us, Inc. 5.4 % Intel Corp. 14.9 % ...
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