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Approximation Authors: Bill Davis, Horacio Porta and Jerry Uhl ©1996-2007 Publisher: Math Everywhere, Inc. Version 6.0 3.06 Power Series LITERACY · L.1) Agree or disagree: Every expansion of a function in powers of x is a power series. Agree or disagree: Every expansion of a function in powers of H x - 1 L is a power series. · L.2) Agree or disagree: Some functions don't have clean, simple formulas, so instead of defining them by formulas, these weirdo functions are sometimes defined by power series. What does it mean to say that a function is defined by a power series? When you are given a function that is defined by the power series that is the function's expansion in powers of x, what can you learn about the function from the power series? How much of the plot can you expect to get? · L.3) Draw hand sketches of y = x, and y = x + x 10 + x 12 + x 100 + x 102 for - 1.2 § x § 1.2 on these axes. -
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