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What were General Grant's strategies for winning the war in the East? - Grant’s strategy was to cover all war fronts. He wanted to destroy the Southern army and prevent them from obtaining reinforcements. They cut off many main transportation routes needed for the South to have supplies (leaving the entire South in need, not just the army). He wanted a “coordinated campaign” and to expand cavalry operations. What was the role African Americans played in the Civil War? - African Americans played a huge role in the Northern victory. For the South, they often fled to the North (where they were free) leaving Southern plantations in the pits. Southern women took a beating as a result of the slaves fleeing to the North. The North enlisted slaves that fled from the South to help them in the war. The main role of African Americans in the Civil War was fighting for their freedom. What were some of the difficulties Lincoln faced on the Northern homefront and how did he handle them? -
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