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Reaganomics WA2 - would continue Reaganomics is widely...

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Bailee Milner Professor Fisher Writing Assignment 2 16 August 2011 The Economic Policies of Ronald Reagan At the beginning of his presidency in 1981, Ronald Reagan put into a place a set of economic policies widely known as Reaganomics. Republicans have widely agreed with the policies implicated by Reagan, while Democrats strongly disagree with it. Reaganomics affected the United States greatly, in both positive and negative ways. Reagan achieved many of the goals he had when he set Reaganomics in place. Reaganomics consisted of 4 basic policies. First, to reduce the growth of spending by the government; Second, to reduce Capital Gains and Income tax; Third, to reduce government regulation and control; and last, to control the money supply to reduce inflation. These policies were enacted with a goal to save more money, and for the growth of the economy. Reagan ultimately wanted to decrease the growth of the government so that the growth of the economy
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Unformatted text preview: would continue. Reaganomics is widely thought of as a very controversial topic. Republicans assumed the goals that were set out were going to be accomplished. They did not seem like very high goals at the time to them. Democrats, on the other hand, thought the policies were ridiculous and that there was no way Reagan was going to be able to accomplish them. The Democrats were right; Reagan did not accomplish everything he wanted to. But, the Republicans were right also. He did make great strides toward a better economic future for America and did improve the economy overall. Just over a month after Ronald Reagan announced his economic plan to America, an attempted assassination of him nearly took his life. The incident brought the plan to an abrupt halt. A month after being hit by a ricocheting bullet, he made a televised request to Congress, asking them to accept his economic plan. Congress approved his plan a few months later....
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