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Testing Intelligence - thinks and learns differently A test...

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Running head: TESTING INTELLIGENCE 1 Testing Intelligence Angel Bingham PSY/202 October 7, 2011 Rebecca Marek
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TESTING INTELLIGENCE 2 Testing Intelligence After taking the free IQ test on the IQ Test Labs website, I received an IQ score of 124 (IQ Test Labs, 2011). This score is 20 points lower than it was five years ago. The significant decline causes me to question the accuracy of IQ testing in general. A specific set of questions that never changes, is hardly an accurate method of testing a person’s intelligence level. The test seemed to be minimal and did not focus on a variety of problem solving skills or areas of intelligence. I believe this test was biased, and only seemed to focus on problem solving skills in a restricted sense. I do not feel an IQ test is a valid method of comparing one person to another. Everyone
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Unformatted text preview: thinks and learns differently. A test used to measure your problem solving skills on one level does not dictate how much you may know or your ability to learn. I believe everyone is different and has a different way of doing things. The only way to accurately compare one person to another is to test each person on the specific subject in question. However, even then you can only accurately deduce each person’s intelligence level on the subject that was tested at the time. TESTING INTELLIGENCE 3 Reference IQ Test Labs. (2011). Full analytical report for Angel Bingham. Retrieved from http://www.intelligencetest.com/test/1.php? ID=193429&[email protected]
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Testing Intelligence - thinks and learns differently A test...

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