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GEOL 107–L2 8/24/2011 1 History of Oceanography uses and study of the oceans The First over sea Human Migrations Settlement of South Pacific PNG & Philippines 30,000 to 20,000 years ago Polynesian Islands 1000 BC Hawaii settled by 300 600AD Settlement of South Pacific How do we know? Archaeological evidence Isotopic dating techniques Polynesians First Ocean Voyagers from Asia to Papua New Guinea by 30,000 years ago to Polynesia 4000 BC 1000 AD to Hawaii ~450 AD some of the most remote Pacific Islands were some of the last places to be colonized in the world (sometime between 300 600 AD). Polynesian Oceangoing Canoes
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GEOL 107–L2 8/24/2011 2 Polynesian Stick Map sticks approximate currents and swell (wave) directions, stones or shells approximate islands. The Mediterranean Region The Mediterranean Region Egyptian and Mesopotamian Cultures and early trade ~3000 BC Greek colonization of the Mediterranean ~1000 BC How do we know?
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GEOL107_02 - GEOL107 L2 PNG&Philippines...

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