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125:201 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Biomechanics, Homework #1 Due Monday October 18 th Problem 1 : (Muscle Physiology) a) A non-hydrolyzable analog of ATP which uses a methylene linkage (-CH2-) instead of oxygen (–O–) between the terminal phosphate and the ADP component is a potent inhibitor of muscle contraction. Briefly explain what step in the contraction cycle this compound would inhibit and why you chose that step. This compound would inhibit the myosin head movement and actin binding. ATP is required for myosin dissociation from the actin filament. The ATP analog would bind to the myosin head and allow dissociation. However, since the analog is nonhydrolyzable the ATP cannot hydrolyze the free phosphate required for the myosin head to swing. Thus the muscle would remain in a relaxed state. b) In a sacromere, the M lines serve as the attachment site for Myosin while the Z disks serve as the attachment sites for Actin . c) Arrange these skeletal muscle components in order from outermost to innermost:sarcolemma, connective tissue sheath, myofilaments, myofibrils Outermost: Connective Tissue Sheath Sarcolemma Myofibrils Innermost: Myofilaments d) During which phase of the muscle contraction (Isometric Contraction, Isotonic contraction, Isotonic relaxation, Isometric Relaxation) is muscle tension developed? Explain Muscle tension is developed during isometric contraction as the sarcomeres shorten but the elastic elements in the muscle are able to stretch. Once sufficient tension is developed to overcome an opposing force/moment then
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125_201+Homework-1+soln - 125:201 Introduction to...

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