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PROBLEM SET 4 SOLUTION MASS BALANCES WITH CHEMICAL REACTIONS Question 12: Consider the reaction A Æ B taking place in a closed system. At t=0 the initial concentration of A is 3.5 mol/L and no B is present. After 1 hour, the concentration of A is down to 1.4 mol/L. 1) Assume that the reaction is 0 th order. Answer the following: a. Derive an expression for the concentration of A as a function of time. b. What is the value of k (including the units)? c. Calculate the half time. Show all derivations! 2) Now instead assume that the reaction is 1 st order, with the same concentrations of A initially and at 1 hour. Answer the same questions as in part (1). Answer on next page…
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f4tnS ev ~ .i) O i-hov de v d [ 4 - - d,t ..LV1+.e~ V t e a V1 cl o f t /;~ CA )' d ("1 J~tw il t ~ .t =0 ~- kit- t :::. . D W)"-iil- e. (., 1} 0 o LA - I - CA ':=' - f b. -t LU -e, VJ Q II ' CA 6 ~ - s- 'Y l ol/L (! d 4- - LA =- "3, S ) - I ~ L/- ~ y , <) ~ L VY"'I(;i/L :::: - l a. 0 cet .i. ~ t = i i, ;;)~I Vvlol
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Biochem+Eng+Hmk+4+Soln - PROBLEMSET4SOLUTION

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