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Long Answer Questions Q10-15 - Question #10 Youre a young...

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Question #10 You ʼ re a young knight errant and you ʼ ve been commissioned to slay a hideous dragon. After an arduous trek up the mountain, you Fnally reach it ʼ s lair. You enter and immediately announce, “I am Sir/Dame (enter your own name) and I ʼ ve come to put a stop to the havoc you ʼ ve been wreaking on the good peoples of yonder village!” You hear a slight rumbling emanating from the deep recesses of the cave. It slowly grows louder until, after what seems like an eternity, the foul beast Fnally emerges, its teeth dripping saliva in anticipation of its next meal. Using this scenario, describe (being as speciFc and precise as possible) the generation of fear from the perspective of the three major theories of emotion we discussed in class. In your answer, for each theory, start with the perception of the dragon and continue on through to the subjective experience of fear. Also, before leaving to face the dragon, a powerful sorcerer, known as Magus William James, gave you some advice on how to be brave. What did he likely tell you? Relate your answer for the latter to a study discussed in class (one that provides support for his advice). Question #11 Stress may compromise our health and well-being. And one source of stress in this class is the Fnal exam, which is three weeks today. You resolve to not only do well on the Fnal, but to also remain as healthy as possible while doing so. To achieve the latter, you consider various options. ±irst, you consider your frame of mind: How should you appraise the stressor (the Fnal exam) and what kind of attitude should you adopt towards it? Second, you consider what you can control (e.g., the amount and kind of studying you do, how much sleep you get, etc) and what you cannot control (e.g., what questions will be on the Fnal): Why is it important for you to take as much control of the
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Long Answer Questions Q10-15 - Question #10 Youre a young...

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