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Principles Center A couple of years ago the economics department implemented a new way to provide Teaching Fellow assistance to students in the EC101/2 Principles sequence. We established a “Principles Center” located in the basement of the economics department (where most of the TFs have their offices) in room B17, 264 Bay State Road. The idea behind the center is to provide a place where EC101/2 students can go to pretty much anytime during the day M-F to get help with introductory economics. The staffing schedule is posted under Course Documents and outside of the Center. The Principles Center will be staffed with no more than 2 TFs using the room at any time. The room has a large whiteboard, a large central table, a couch and a number
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Unformatted text preview: of very uncomfortable looking chairs (to help you stay awake). I advise you that it is best to see the TF running your discussion section, or in the alternative another TF for our lecture, but you certainly are allowed to see a TF from another lecture if you so wish (although if you do so you might not get as useful help since different lectures sometime use different texts and/or assign different problems). Please note that if you do stop in to see a TF who does not teach your discussion section, the TF may ask you to wait until s/he first sees students from their sections. Finally, while EC101 students may ask EC102 TFs questions (and visa versa), I advise against this as they may not be as close to the material....
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