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Bis2A Syllabus Singer - BIS 2A Instructor: M. Singer 268...

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Unformatted text preview: BIS 2A Instructor: M. Singer 268 Briggs Hall [email protected] Office Hrs: Tuesday 1-2 or by appointment TAs : Sections Office Hours: day, time and place Benjamin Wang A21 and A26 Tuesday 12-1 in SLB 2067 Nichole Olsen A22 and A24 Thursday 11-12 in SLB 2041 Matt Doherty A23 and A25 Thursday 1-2 in SLB 2067 Students are welcome to go to any TAs office hours. Required Text: Life: The Science of biology ninth ed.; by Sadava et al. BioPortal access is also required . Note: Access to BioPortal is required ASAP since there are time sensitive assignments for each chapter due before class. The first assignment is due by 11:30 AM August 4 th . Reading assignment self tests (PSP) on the BioPortal are due before lecture and are listed on the BioPortal site and on the Syllabus. To receive credit for the assignment, it must be completed by 11:30 AM of the due date. Once the time passes, no credit will be given and no make-ups will be given. Prep-U assignments are due at noon the day before the exam; this includes any extra credit for the chapters. Grading: There are 900 points total, for a breakdown see below. There are also 34 pts of extra credit. These include 3 exams (100 pts each), 3 quizzes (25 pts each) and 1 cumulative final (100 pts)! Make up exams and quizzes will be given only for excused absences as determined by UC policy. No make ups will be given for discussion section absences. Any challenges to grading must be submitted to the instructor in writing using the regrade form, and must include why you think your answer was not graded correctly, in addition, the instructor reserves the right to regrade the entire work. All regrades must be submitted by the next lecture period once the work has been handed back. TOPICAL SYLLABUS Date Lecture # Topic Reading Section 1: Biological molecules Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 8/2 M lecture 1 Intro and Chemistry of biology 8/4 W lecture 2 Biological molecules and reactions Chapters 1,2, & 3 8/6 F lecture 3 Origins of Life, How it all began? Origins of Life, How it all began?...
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Bis2A Syllabus Singer - BIS 2A Instructor: M. Singer 268...

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