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Due on friday by 1210 start of class 55 55 biological

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Unformatted text preview: maintain constant internal condi7ons (homeostasis). Buffers help maintain constant pH. A buffer is a weak acid and its corresponding base. HCO3 + H ! H 2CO3 + 51 51 Figure 2.17 Buffers Minimize Changes in pH 52 52 Clicker Ques7on 5 Cola has a pH of 3 and black coffee has a pH of 5. How many 7mes more concentrated are the hydrogen ions (H+) in cola than in black coffee? a. 2 b. 10 c. 15 d. 100 53 Building our Tree Facts RedOx ionic Hydrophobic Molecular bonds Acid/base Van derHydrogen covalent Waals Concepts Foundations Evolution Scientific Method Molecular Interactions 54 54 HOME WORK Assignment: Add the factoid leaves to the two new branches: Redox branch Acid/Base branch There is a template on the web under assignments on smart site. Due on Friday by 12:10 (start of class) 55 55 Biological molecules and reac7ons Chapter 3 56 What Kinds of Molecule...
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