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S w Business 1220 Operations Management Study Sheet TASK ANALYSIS: Based on the customer’s needs, prioritize the core and non-core process outcomes. Quality, Quantity, Price, Service, Function What implications does this have for production? PROCESS IDENTIFICATION: Is the appropriate production process being used? PROCESS ANALYSIS: Capacity is the volume of output that a process can produce. Calculate capacity and compare this to demand. Consider the bottleneck and any possible line balancing that can occur. Are any changes necessary? TRADEOFF ANALYSIS: Net Benefit = Incremental Benefits – Incremental Costs The annual income associated with an investment Payback = Investment ÷ Net Benefit
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Unformatted text preview: The length of time required to recoup the cost of an investment Qualitative pros and cons of each option? DECISION & ACTION PLAN: As a production manager I would make the following recommendations Low Skill High / Moderate Skill Experts, Trades people Project Job Shop Batch Line Flow Continuous Flow Specialized, High degree of automation, High investment General, Less automation, Low investment Unique, One function, High investment Customer Triggered Produce to Anticipated Demand Unique design, One of a kind Very high High Low None One or very few Low volumes Low volumes High volumes Very high volumes LABOUR EQUIPMENT PRODUCTION TRIGGERS PRODUCT VARIATIONS PRODUCT VOLUMES...
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