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CMPT 110 – Homework 2 (1% of final grade) Due: Monday September 22 nd , in class Late assignments will not be accepted. What to hand in: a print-out of your Visual Basic code, and a screenshot of your program as it’s running. To make a screenshot, press the Alt key and the Print Screen key on your keyboard at the same time, then open a word processor (like MS Word) and paste ( Ctrl+V on the keyboard, or Edit|Paste from the menu). 1. Write a program that allows the user to type in their first and last name (with a space), all in one text box. Then add features that will: a. display the number of characters in their first and last name (combined) b. display the first letter of their first name and the last letter of their last name c. display the first name and the last name separately (hint: you will need to use the IndexOf function to find where the space between the first and last names is, and then use the Substring function) d. displays the full name followed by a description; for example, if the user
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Unformatted text preview: types “Bob Dole”, your program could output “Bob Dole is awesome” or “Bob Dole is an imbecile” or something to that effect e. displays the full name with a middle name (of your choice) inserted between the first and last names (for example, if the user types “Austin Powers”, you could display “Austin Danger Powers”); for full marks, you must use the Insert function f. displays the full name in all upper case letters (hint: look up the ToUpper function in your text book or online) Note : the appearance of your program can be anything you want it to be, as long as everything above is in one program. You can have a separate button and textbox for each of the above features, or you can have one button and one textbox for everything (or something else entirely). As long as the form and the output are neat, it’s fine. Also: all the above features can be completed with the Strings notes (and earlier notes). If statements are not required....
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